place vs space vs room


Could you please explain the difference between the usage of these words?
place / space / room


Hi Liza

That question is a little too broad to answer in a single forum post. I would suggest reading lots of sentences using each of the three words. The BNC would be probably be a good place to start for examples of usage:
BNC: place
BNC: space
BNC: room

Dear Amy,

Yes, I think I didn’t ask it in a proper way. So e.g. I meant, that I don’t know which is good here:

  • I couldn’t park my car because there wasn’t enough space / room / place for it.
  • I can’t write my homework at my desk because there isn’t enough free space / room / place on it.
  • I couldn 't sit down on the train because there wasn’t enough space / room / place on it. (or I can use just ‘seat’ here?)
  • We don’t have enough space / room / place in our garden to plant new trees in it.

and so on.

I’m sorry if these sample sentences are quite awkward. (It’s too early here :).

So I’m interested in this kind of common meaning of the three words. If you could help help, it would be very useful for me.


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