Pimsleur French dialogs texts

Hi everyone.
I’m working through Pimsleur French now, and have a question.
Do texts/printouts of dialogs exist?
I understand that Pimsleur method is just about the listening, but sometimes looking at texts could be extremly useful.
In a few cases it’s very hard to distinguish the constonants by listening.
And I don’t want to get pronunciation for those words completely wrong.
(For example in some words the constonants sound somewhere between “v” and “p”. And even I know that I will have an accent anyway, but would not want to pronounce it completely wrong).

The texts are not included in a package, but maybe they exist somewhere on internet?


Havn’t seen the text anywhere but then I havn’t looked either. I have listened to the first three or four lessons of french and have written out the dialog for those lessons. My impressions. The amount of content in the lessons is very minimal as anyone doing the lessons already knows. However, it is helpful to me IMO to have the text. That’s just me.

Bottom line, with pimsleur it’s all about repetition and responding to prompts. The good part is you have many many opportunities to hear the correct pronuciation and respond with your own attempt at correct pronuciation. The bad part is it sometimes seems painfully slow. I do recommend pimsleur as one part, an important part, of language study. I also like Learn French In Your Car by Penton Overseas, Inc. and Living Language from Random House. You do get complete dialogs with these two programs.

I think it does have a book.
When I learn Pimsleur ESL, I have a book too, but it’s not contain the dialogues I had heard in CD. It’s called Recorded Books

I’m hearing the Pimsleur French I at the 13, 14 lesson. Some lesson, about the end, the coach told you to open a book.
as in 13th lesson, you can hear “this lesson of speaking … Pimsleur French I provide reading practice, If you … the reading now, take the reading book and open to the page containing the work for lesson 13th. Look at number 1, read it out load …”

The bolded letters is what I heard clearly