Pimsleur Czech

I’m interested in the Pimsleur method for learning Czech, but I’m a bit lost: in some pages they only offer the cassette edition (abridged), in others they say that at the end of the year a CD edition will available, and it seems that it will be far cheaper. And I’ve just seen in the French version of Amazon that an unabridged version on CD will be available too, but it will cost about 350 euros. To sum up: I don’t know how to find accurate information about this stuff. Could you please help me?

I’ll try to list my questions:

  1. What is the difference between the abridged and the unabridged edition?
  2. Is it the same recording for the cassette and the CD edition?
  3. Do they cost the same?
  4. Are they thinking of publishing an advanced level?
  5. What are the editions that are available at the moment? And in the near future?

Thank you very much.

Hi carbonarius,

Many thanks for your interesting questions. Let us investigate a little to supply you with satisfying answers. We have to check into Pimsleur Czech so to speak.
As of now I can tell you that both versions - cassette and CD contain the same program.

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