Piece of jewelty vs tickets to a concert

Decided not to give up! Check please:)
Thank you in advance!

Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional concern, we find that some people hold the opinion that if there is a chance they receive a gift of money, they will buy a piece of jewelry. However, as far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that I would spend my gifted money on tickets to a concert due to the fact that I adore music, and I will have an unforgettable time with my friends.

The first reason why I would buy tickets is that I have always loved music, and even dreamt of becoming a well-known musician. That is why I try to attend all the concerts in our town, when I have enough money for it. For example, a few days ago we had a concert of the American band “U-2”. Despite the fact that all my friends were there, I could not afford to buy a ticket due to the high price and lack of money in my pocket at that time. If I had had presented money, I would have attended the concert of my favorite band.

Another essential reason of buying a ticket on a concert is that it brings people together. Furthermore, concert is a great place where you can make some beneficial contacts or just make friends. For instance, two years ago I met my best friend Mary in the concert of “Depeche Mode”, and since that time we have been attending all their concerts in our town. Moreover, it is the best place to relax, have fun, sing your favorite songs with the other fans and forget about the wearisome working days.

Summarizing the aforesaid, we may safely draw the conclusion that if people had gifted money, different people spend their present in different ways. As for me, I would buy tickets to a concert due to the fact that I love listening to music, and it is a good chance to spend time with your lovely friends.

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wait a minute :slight_smile: the question is Which (jewellery or ticket) would you buy?. So i chose one and gave reasons ! I did not have to talk about the jewellery. Am I right?

If your topic title is correct, yes you are, but I don’t think this is the full topic title Kate.