picking some words from a news bulletin


I can’t make out what the anchor woman says in two sentences.
I only have the following:

We are having some good news this morning. An American serviceman now home from a war zone

Could you please help me to work out what she says?
Here is a link:

cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/ … 7457.shtml

Thank you in advance for the time and help.

We do have some good news this morning from Maryland – we love having good news! An American serviceman there, home from a war zone, found himself on a winning streak that ended with a rather large payday.

Hi Dozy,

Thanks a lot. I am a bit embarrassed about not being able to make out such a simple text. Need to resume listening to radio in English.
Now I can include this wonderful story in my Diigo for educators account for students to be able to read it, do exercises on vocabulary from the story in the form of flashcards and, eventually, turn it into an educational video with multiple-choice exercises, transcript and vocabulary notes.