Phrases with "Will you?"


‘But I can’t reckon it; will you?’
‘Eleven pounds and sixpence, is it?’

Am I right supposing that this (the form ‘wil you?’) is a (informal) request for action? (And ‘reckon’ here means ‘calculate’ :shock:)

Can I express the same content by the phrase: ‘As I can’t , may be you will make a try to do that (instead of me)’?

Hi Tamara,

You asked about:

On the surface I understand this to mean:

[i]But I can’t do this calculation/add it up/work out the figures and so do you think you could do that for me?

Do you make it come to Eleven pounds …?[/i]

That’s a stab at it but it’s a tad difficult without knowing what came before and what follows.


Thank you, Alan, for your stab. It’s quite good for the context.

(What was new for me: before I met only reckon up = calculate,
and reckon = suppose, judge, think, etc.)