Phrase "nobody doesn't likes sara lee"

Ages ago Sara lee did a commercial. It went like this, “Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.”
I understand the first part but not the last part. It means to me saying Everyone “do not like Sara lee.”
Or Nobody likes Sara Lee.
or Nobody does not like Sara Lee.
I hate that sentence “. nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.”

Hi Imalaski,
If you understood the first part, it means that you got the idea, but let me explain what I understand from the sentence;
Everyone has got something that they dislike, but this (something) is not Sara Lee. So if you make a list of the things people dislike, Sara Lee is not going to be in the list.
Hope it helps.

The double negative basically makes the sentence positive, imalaski:

“Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee” = There is nobody who does not like Sara Lee = Everybody likes Sara Lee.

I remember that commercial too. :smiley: