Phrase: "Just about"


I am interested in learning the correct and complete use of the phrase [color=red]Just about. Is it used both in AmE and BE? Both written and spoken?

1- I can just about write myself.
2- She can just about play herself.


Hi Tom

Here are some sentences. What differences/similarities in meaning and usage do you notice?

It’s just about time to begin. Is everybody ready?

That’s just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!

It can be used just about anywhere.

I was so infuriated by boss’s comment that I just about quit on the spot.

You could just about write a book on this one question.

How coincidental that you called me! I was just about to call you!

I was just about to answer Tom’s latest question when my PC crashed.


Hi Tom,

Looks like Amy and i are doing a double act today. Aren’t you lucky!

Thought I’d add a bit more to the just about question. As you can see from Amy’s examples, it has the sense of almost or practically. Another use is with ‘have’ as in: I’ve reached the end of my tether and I’ve just about had enough of this rotten weather! This car has loads wrong with and I would say, it’s just about had it