Phrase "I'm only young"


Please take a look at this sentence.

I think I know what it means, but if I were to replace the word “only” here, what would it be?

I am just young? Doesn’t sound right to me.


“still” I think would go there if you wanted to replace only:wink:


But I still feel:

I’m only young ≠ I’m still young (only ≠ still,but the meaning of both phrases are the same)

I’m only young ≠ I’m only trying (but the usage of only is the same)

I hope I am not imagining things.

“still” here is used differently.

It can be used in front of sentences, here such as “still, i’m only young”
When used here, “still” introduces an afterthought or a contrast
so here it is “i’ve never had my heart broken” but the afterthought is “i’m young, there will be many chances for it to be broken in the future”. still brings these 2 thoughts together.

another example could be “i don’t like the job much…still, the money’s ok”.

mind you can also be used like this but is less formal

That explains it!

I would have never seen it from that angle.

Really, thanks!

That’s ok. I try my best :oops:
Anyway your questions are usually interesting…they have Godzilla in them and stuff like that. cool!

Blimey, now you remember me for Godzilla. Don’t get me wrong, I like this fellow, he helps me remember things. I associate him with almost everything, so sometimes they don’t make sense, but I can remember stuffs. :smiley: