Philology vs. linguistics

I’m sure our distinguished group of linguists and philologist will be able to answer this question: What is the difference between philology and linguistics? One the participants in our current course asked this question because another person has a degree in philology. In my understanding both terms mean more or less the same with philology being a bit more general.

What do you think?

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Linguistics involves more science and scientific method. You have scientific fields like psycholinguistics and neurological linguistics, but you have no “psychophilology”, for example. No philologists were involved in teaching computers and cellphones to process speech, as far as I now. Those were all linguists, specifically phoneticians.

Philology, from what I understand of it, is pre-scientific linguistics. I also notice that if you google the words “department of philology” you get pages about institutions in Greece and the former Soviet countries. I think that in the West philology has mostly been replaced by scientific linguistics.