Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead 'After Overdose'

What a terrible waste - seen this man in a film about a man who got addicted to sniffing petrol after his wife died - he was absolutely brilliant.
Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead ‘After Overdose’

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in his Manhattan apartment after an apparent drug overdose.

The Hollywood star, who won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in the 2005 film Capote, was 46 years old.

The father-of-three was found dead with a needle in his arm, according to law enforcement sources.

Police were called by a friend of the actor to his home in the city’s Greenwich Village area at 11.30am local time, a spokesman for the NYPD said. … r-overdose

[color=blue]Unfortunately, he was an ‘idiot’. All we can do is offer our sympathy to his family.

Don’t try drugs even once!