Pets should be treated like ... Please correct mistakes, thank you

Pets should be treated like family members. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give reasons to support your opinion.

 I think that most people approve the idea of treating pets like family members. Interestingly, everybody understands it in a slightly different way. In general, I agree that household animals should be treated like family members. However, I find certain points bizarre.
Pets should be treated like family members because having a pet is a big responsibility. It is a long-term commitment, almost like a marriage.  Before getting an animal it is not good to think that if one gets bored, it is always possible to donate the pet to the humane society.  People should feel responsible for the health and the well being of their pets. They should take their pets to veterinarians as often as needed and follow all the recommendations in terms of shots and appropriate feeding. If somebody goes on vacation, they should not leave their pets unattended. A pet hotel should be sought or a person who would take care of the animal. 

Pets should be treated like family members in terms of providing them with a loving and nourishing environment.  Mostly, pets spend their time by themselves at home while their owners are at work. They become very happy and excited to see their owners back. Pet owners should spend as much time as possible with their pets. Pets, like humans, can feel down if left alone without communication and may also develop aggressive behavior (dogs, for example).

However, I do not approve the idea of feeding pets with the food for humans, like ice cream, or cakes. Indeed, some pets may like it, however, this kind of food is not healthy for animals and can lead to obesity or to digestive problems. I do not find it either useful to dress pets in fashionable outfits, so that they resemble humans. There is no scientific evidence that cats or dogs can appreciate it. It is good though to dress them in warm clothes to protect them against cold weather, so they do not catch cold.
I like pets, and if I were not allergic to their fur, I would definitely get at least a cat. I believe that household animals deserve to be treated like family members for the genuine and unconditional love they give to their owners. Pets should be provided with loving and caring environment. However, I disapprove certain things, like giving human food or dressing them in unnecessary clothing.

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