Petition on GRE coach

Dear administration,

We - the users of the website appreciate your endeavour to help students from all over the world to overcome difficulties related to English learning. Currently we greatly need a GRE coach. We know that your resourses are limited, but it would be perfect to attract a coach, who could check our essays and consult us. Even if we could get answer for 1 essay a day or 2 days. Take into consideration this request, please.

P.S. The students, who agree with this request, write your names in this topic to express your wish. Perhaps the administration could help us after seeing how it is important to us.

1. Remula

Thanks a lot Luschen for help in this section :slight_smile:

I agree with the demand of new GRE coach to guide us through different essays and arguments. I hope, administrator will consider the demand of new coach and show more interest for improvement of the users like us. :slight_smile: