People should know the events happening around the world

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TOPIC:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should know the events happening around the world, even if it unlikely has some influence on your daily life.

Although people from different countries are separated by regional boundaries, thanks to the increasing advanced technology of mass media and the internet, we can access to plenty information all over the world. Notwithstanding, parts of the information seems unrelated to US and have no influence on we individuals, we still need to be aware of those messages. Knowing the events home and broad can benefit us to hurt jobs and deal with similar issues.

To begin with, having an international view can help us find great jobs especially to those who want to work in international companies. As the increasing number of international companies establish branch companies in China, it is essential for employees to have an international view and pay attention to the events happened in foreign countries even which seem exert no influence to their lives. Take me as example, last summer I was interviewed for an internship in Microsoft. During the interview, the interviewer asked me to talk about the economic crisis which happened in America. I was so embarrassed at that time because I had no knowledge about it. I thought that did not happen in my country and was unrelated to my daily life. It is obvious that I failed in the interview. After that I realized that informing the movement of the world is becoming a basic skill for the employees especially in current globalized era.

What’s more, knowing the events happened in other countries can help us to handle some emergency crisis. In current globalized society, if some countries occurs crisis, no matter in the flied of economy, culture or science, it will affect other countries in a short time. Therefore, noticing the latest trends of the international affairs can help us prevent the crisis from happening and prepare measures to deal with it in advance. Take the subprime crisis happened in America in 2008 as an illustration. Although it was originated in the America, it spread quickly and involved nearly all the countries of the world. Since my country had a prediction of that and made some policies to protect the economy in domestic, the influence of the crisis was not severe.

Taking all these aspects into consideration, I hold the view that even though some kinds of the global events seems have no influence to our daily lives, we still require to know them.

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