People learn in differnt ways. Some people learn by doing things, other people le

Topic: people learn in differnt ways.Some people learn by doing things, other peole learn by reading about things, others learn by leasting to people talk about things.Which of these methods of learning is best for you? Use specific examples to support your choice.

Today, in reality life faces us every day with new things. Briefly, I believe everyone knows what is good and what is bad, and in order to improve as a person i have to learn to do more good rather than bad things. And for me the method of learning by doing things is the best way , because by participating I am able to remember, visualize and perform the job more accurately.
To begin with,technology is changing every day and by working in a dental office, I have to physically deal with a different variety of new instruments and techniques and so on. In order to succesfuly work as a dentist, I have to be able to remember all this tools that I mentioned before. So,for me by learning to do things, it was more eassy and quick to remember what I will need in this or that case rather than reading about of my proffesion or leasting the other dentists how they work . Moreover, when I was studying at University I wasn’t able to learn how to fill a tooth by just reading the dental therapy and treatment book. I need to first prepare the room with all dental supplies such as composites and all other products that I need for that filling, sit down my patient, and with the help of the instructor I had to first give an anesthesia to the patient and after the patient was numbed I had to start drilling and open the cavity. Then after I cleaned all the decay, I started to restore the defect by using all the necessary tools. Therefore, by associating information such as ;what instruments do I need, how packages look like, what technique do I have to use, it has helped me out to keep in mind a lot of information, rather than by reading and trying to memorize all of this information.

Secondly, by doing things, I was able not only to memorize them easier but also visualize and have a better perception in what I was really doing. And, If i go back to the same example that I mentioned in the first paragraph- restoring tooth decay; reading and listening, watching a video how to restore a tooth decay, it helps to have an idea that what is going on , but the experience that a future dentist get from the practice is different. By doing things, I have a picture in my mind how it will look the new filing ,and this will help me to learn more and become a better professional dentist.

Third, for me a great inspiration is the basketball star Michael Jordan. By practicing every day he become a basketball star. In addition, my husband and I, we both have a favorite expression “Winners never quit and quitters never win “which it means allot for us. In addition, when I first started the college, I was frequently attending the lectures, and then I was reading every day about those lectures. This was helping me to have an idea what was that topic about and made it easier for me to remember. However, listening and reading frequently was not enough help for me to become a better dentist. By working every day with the patients, practicing every day helped me to learn how to perform a better job as a dentist. And I would recommend to everyone who is studying to do the homework after every new topic, to practice every day, or as often as they can. This It helped me allot to absorb, to improve learning, and to become a better person.

To sum up, by all reasons that I have described above, the best and the most efficient way for me to learn is by doing things. By doing things, I am able to memorize things easier and for long terms, it helps me to visualize the process, and to perform better job. Remember that practice is the criteria of success.

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