People - is it polite?

If you want to address a group of people, is it polite just to say “People”

Hi writer,

I am also a new learner of English, but in my opinion I would say it is not so polite it would be politer to say
Sirs and Madams

I think
Hello people
would be more colloquial language. But let us see what Torsten or Alan say to this.

Best wishes
:twisted: teufelchen53

Dear Writer and Teufelchen,

I agree with Teufelchen - especially in formal correspondence ‘Dear Sirs and Madams’ is standard whereas ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ is used when addressing a group of people at a formal gathering.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Writer and Teufelchen,

Just a few points about ‘people’. The main point is that the word is used more as a form of description rather than as a form of address. So we have sentences like:

Some people like to get up early, others don’t
There are a lot of people waiting for the train.
People can help themselves to food during the break.

As a form of address it could be used exceptionally as in ‘People of the world …’ which you might hear from say the Pope or in a speech like the famous ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King. But that would be a very dramatic use. Sometimes informally a member of a group of friends or family would ask: ‘What are you people doing this afternoon?’ This would usually be said by the host or an older member of the family. But back to the main subject, as Torsten has already said, addressing a meeting you would simply say ‘Ladies and gentlemen …’

Hope this helps