People attend college or university for many different reasons...

People attend college or university for many different reasons (for
example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge).
Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific
reasons and examples to support your answer.

Our world is constantly changing and in order to keep up with the changes we must always improve ourselves. A good way to do so is going to university. I think that this is one of the most useful things one can do for themselves. In the university people improve their knowledge about themselves: they become more independent , meet a lot of people and have the opportunity to make friendships for life, and prepare for career.

In my childhood.I was not very independent person.It all changed when I went to study in another town, away from home.There I learned a lot about the world on my own.I learned how to cook , wash dishes , and take care of me.This has given me very useful experience and has taught me that no matter what if I want to do something I can do it.Since then I believe in myself and my confidence has increased dramatically.

    If there is one place in the world where one can meet a lot of different people with similar interest it is in the collage. There you will meet a variety of people and you can even become very close with some of them. The best thing is that you may find a friendship for life . On the other hand the meeting people improve yourself. They can point out things about you that you have not even thought about.

     If college is good for one thing , it is to prepare a student for a career. There people can learn a great variety of new skills that will help them build themselves throughout life. The professors will teach young people how to think logically. When gaining all that knowing you can start aiming at a good and concentrate your life in that direction.

Going to university can help you improve your life dramatically. It teaches you how to face reality and face the world on your own , you can make a lot of friends for a lifetime , and it can prepare you for a career. In the end I recommend going to university at all costs.

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