People attend college or university for many different reasons

Nowadays, university education has become more demanding. Some attend college or university only for increasing knowledge. Contrary, other prefer university education for getting a new life. In my opinion university education is a key for successful career and new experiences.
First of all, university students gain special knowledge during their study times. There are many qualified and well-known professors in the popular universities. They provide abundant information for their students in any aspect of study field. Of course, this knowledge will due to student’s future career. Although the number of university graduates is rocketing, one who has gain valuable knowledge, skills and experiences can compete for prestigious job in the world-known companies. Moreover, university graduates have advantage over non-graduates. In fact, this led to be successful in your future life.
In addition, university or college is a place where students from different background come together. Students get a chance to build a long-lived friendship with other students that will continue beyond their university times. Also, in the university students face with new experiences. Obviously, students have to mange their life independently without parents’ assistance. Therefore, they try to their best in order to overcome all problems. They learn how spend money, how cook, how connect with other and something like that. So, all these help them to grow up as adults.
All in all, there is no other place than a college or university where a student can get professional education in order to be qualified to become a specialist in a specific area.

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please evaluate this essay(especially professional teachers)

“Of course, this knowledge will due to student’s future career.”

Did you review this essay yourself? There are many such errors and omissions in your work.

You must give more attention to your work when writing.
If this was your TOEFL exam essay you would perhaps scrape through with a minimum score.

If you have the idea that this work is good … you are mistaken.

You have a lot of ability. Do better work than this. You are more than capable of doing so.

Kitos. 7/10

THX…i just spend a lot of time to concentrate on writing and could not find any time for reviewing…please tell me which errors and omissions you mean…as far as I know,each type of essays is rated by 15 score…So, what is a score for this work?

Good morning Paranoid.

“Of course, this knowledge will due to student’s future career.”

I would hope that the emboldened sentence above makes no sense to you. There are more such mysterious comments in your texts. You are an accomplished student and I am surprised to see such oversights in your work.

Kitos. 12/15

I see…I’ll try to to do my best

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I appreciate you zealous toward student…

Practice, read, read, read. It is a long hard road, but you are nearing the end.

Just concentrate, and compose in a quiet place. Avoid interruptions and distractions.


Thanks a lot.I appreciate it.