People attend college or university for many different reasons...

People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, and increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Education or experienced either from the studied or experienced plays an important role in people life. That is why, each person devotes at least one third of his life for education. College and university are the upper level institutions where people can acquire the advance level skill and knowledge. The reason of attendant is different in each individual, because the goal and objectives of each person have different to others.

For example most of the people think it is the gate way for future career, some people just want to get the experience of the higher level education and some people still wants to further study after the college and university especially in the research field. But in my view whatever the perspective of these people to look over college education, it is sure that all these are the basic preparation to the future life for lively living.

Students can enhance the skill and knowledge from the college education. There are many fields and area where one can easily acquires the knowledge in each interested subject for example social science, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics etc. The main advantage is that university and college have a lot of resources like as professors, library, physical facilities which one can use to improve their skill and knowledge from very beginning level.

This acquired knowledge is highly beneficial for them in day by day life. For example the knowledge of mathematics like as addition, subtraction, division and other type of calculation, which can be used for daily life even from the daily grocery store to the higher level calculation like tax preparation. The advanced level knowledge especially for the particular field could be usable for the future professional jobs and careers.
People can get the knowledge and skill about the different culture, community and social life from college and university life.

We know before the college education, each student’s life is mostly directed by their parents, they have very little experienced apart from the family life. I have one friend; even he did not leave one day from his home before his whole life before the college admission. It is almost impossible to get the social experienced for these types of students. The college life gives this opportunity to them, because generally students leave from their home for college education and looking the dorm and other apartment near the college for living.

All in all, students not only can learn lots of new knowledge from the books but also can learn much more necessary experience which are very vital for daily life such as how to arrange time and how to cooperate and communicate with other people, how do respect to other religion and cultures, how to respect to other feelings. It is very important for their future’ wok and life.

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