Peace Homeland


Mostly you hear something about Iraq when you are listening to news at the broadcasting or TV channels ,did you ask yourself why?, that’s because -as I think- Iraq is the land of war. In the past ,Baghdad (the capital of Iraq) was called “Peace Homeland” and in fact, it is one of the opposite meanings names ,since it is a war land along its history periods. Iraqi people used to face the successive blood periods with great sacrifices each time.

Six years ago, Iraqis had left the most suffering period of their state history. It was the great dictatorship represented by Saddam and his fascist Party tools. As a result of this great transformation operation, some reactions had happened and caused a confused situation making the Iraqi people sinking in their troubles, and the name “peace homeland” of Baghdad became the rose dream that sails in everyone’s mind inquiring about that lost peace.
The random emotions under the pressure of variable events generated a new version of people, a version who is always frustrated and scared of the future which may be worse than what happened. But I expect, in spite of my great losses, the future will be good because it will be made by the Iraqis themselves.




I’m a huge fan of Iraq. I hope your emerging democracy becomes, and remains, a successful one. The united states and others took down Saddam, the Butcher of Baghdad, and have been shit on ever since.

It pisses me off that so many have condemned the Iraq Conflict when it was clearly necessary: Saddam had to be deposed and threatening letters from the UN weren’t going to get it done.

So we took down his totalitarian regime, found him living like a rat, as he deserved to live… and an Iraqi court convicted and executed him.

When people whine about the war, they not only forget why it was important but also why it is still being fought: militant ex-Saddam lovers who can’t stand the thought of:

  1. Not having the right to torture and murder Shi’a and Kurds and
  2. Are whining like a bunch of bitches about it and
  3. Are too Neanderthalic to accept that the only acceptable way to name a leader is for everyone to have a vote to decide the matter.

It is these anti-progress zits of humanity who are the reason we’re still in Iraq.

I have two main hopes:

  1. That Iraq’s democracy prospers
  2. That Iraqis appreciate our sacrifice on their behalf





Hello Tom
That is right, and I think that most of Iraqis will appreciate your sacrifice when they see the last soldier beyond the borders.
Thank you,

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Let’s hope Iraq’s security forces can keep the criminal faction in check.



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you are right
Iraq is a war state along eras.

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But there is been a lot of progress since the last Iraq War ended.

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