Past Simple or not?

Is it better to say “I learned” or “I have learned English at an early age” ?
Which is correct; “I studied” or “I have studied English in the past” ?
Any comments would be helpful.


Hi Spellcheck, welcome to our forum and thanks a lot for asking your first question.

You need the simple past (learned) here.


I would suggest that ‘I learned/learnt English at an early age’ would be preferable as the time is now past and the ‘learning’ is a completed action.
‘I have studied English in the past’ is just about acceptable as ‘studying’ could be considered a more general activity rather than a completed action but I still think ‘I studied’ would be preferable.
Hope that helps,


Thank you very much for your reply, here’s the thing; when I type " I studied meaning" into google, the following text pops up;

" I studied = important to you in the past but not now. Example: In a job interview you will use “I have studied …” ( or " I have VERB-ed") a lot because you are talking to an employer who wants to know how your past is important in the context of doing a job at his company now. "