Passwords, security etc

I am pleased to say that I am now fully ‘passworded’ and am back on the site. Mind you I don’t get on with passwords - I forget and never write them down. I use all sorts of words and phrases to get into sites. I use my Army number, date I was conscripted, my sons’ birthdays, my age and anything that comes to mind. The one I really enjoy using is for a large company to which I pay far too much money every month for a not very satisfactory service and that is - ripping off. To rip someone off is a strong expression meaning to charge someone too much money for the service they provide. But then passwords always remind me of childhood when you didn’t let anyone into your secret society unless they know the right word. And in all honesty I don’t think passwords are all that good. A couple of years ago, although I’d used all the right codes to use my bank online, I discovered that some nasty individual in a country thousands of miles away had taken £500 from my account. Fortunately after a lot of paperwork I did get my money back. And then there’s security itself, which takes me back to a time when I had been posted in the Army to a department of the Ministry of Defence. We all had a week each to check all the locks in the office when we went home. One morning I arrived for work and was greeted by two small men saying they were from MI5. At first I thought it was a practical joke but they showed me their passes - they were indeed two midget James Bonds and they wanted to know who had been on security duty the night before. I owned up and they beckoned me to come and look at a steel cabinet wrapped around with yards of chains and padlocks. I said nothing. They then proceeded to remove the chains and padlocks, which was hard work for my two new small men. Clearly they wanted to shame me to show how careless I had been by opening the doors and revealing important documents. They flung open the doors to reveal the contents - 4 cups, one kettle and a teapot.!!


Very interesting essay! Thank you Alan😁
I hope soon we won’t need to remember all our passwords and user names :nerd_face: and all our gadgets, social networks and sites, that we commonly use, recognize us by finger print or scanning our eyes :eyes: :roll_eyes: