Password and Buzzword

Hi friends,

I just remembered something which may be helpful to all:

Buzzword: Can either be a word or a phrase that has suddenly become very popular in a particular field. For eg: ‘Biotechnology’ has been the buzzword in medicine. ‘Empowerment’, ‘paradigm shift’, and ‘synergy’ are other examples of Buzzwords.

Password: is usually a secret word or phrase that yu are expected to know in order to enter restricted places. A password used to check your mail etcetera.

“Originality is the art of concealing your source!”

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I wouldn’t count “biotechnology” as a buzzword, because it actually has a clear meaning. Most buzzwords are vague and are often used to make people sound impressive without actually saying anything.

Hi Jamie,

Yes, you have hit the nail right on its head. I had my doubts and thanks for clearing it. It seemed to me like the question “which is the longest word in the dictionary?” - the answer is ‘smiles’, because there is a mile inbetween the two s’s.

Can we say that ‘attitude’ is a buzzword. I feel the meaning of this word has changed over the years?

I am really enjoying interacting with friends from this site. The more you open your mind (with like minded friends) the more you progress - right?

Thanks and bye.


Hi Valsan

That’s an interesting thought. I can think of what I would consider to be a relatively new way of using the word, but I wouldn’t say it turns attitude into a buzzword. But maybe I’m not thinking along the same lines as you. Can you describe how you think the word attitude has changed?


Hi Amy,

If I am not wrong, attitude is a way one feels about himself/herself or towards others. For eg. I think my attitude towards others is normal/ok.

Nowadays, usually in Multi National Cos., Call Centers etc., it is always “You have to change your attitude”. And this word attitude is always used. What attitude are they talking about. Change your attitude - does that mean that even if you are down in the dumps – you change your attitude. If you are bossing around - change your attitude. If you keep to yourself - again change your attitude!!

This is just one of the thoughts (or attitude :lol: ) that is flitting around my pituitary gland :twisted: .

Do write, I know I am not really coherent in this letter, but I am not a teacher - I think it’s time I changed my ATTITUDE :idea:

Bye, Have a great day! And it is goodnight to me.