Parts of Speech

Hi teachers,

I’ve searched Google and found that some websites include [color=blue]Deternimer as a part of speech. What do you think about it?

What is the exact number of parts of speech?
Can [color=blue]punctuation be included as a part of speech?



There are notional and structural parts of speech.The notional parts of speech are:
1)the noun
2)the adjective
3)the pronoun
4)the numeral
5)the verb
6)the adverb
7)the words category of state
8)the modal words
9)the interjection

The structural parts of speech are:
1)the preposition
2)the conjunction
3)the particle
4)the article
Punctuation in no way belongs to parts of speech

As far as I know determiner is a defining word

A determiner is a word coming before a noun or a noun phrase to tell you “which one” you are talking about. Determiners include:

articles: a, an, the
demonstrative pronouns: that, this, these, those, etc.
possessive pronouns: my, his, her, its, your, their, our, etc.
possessive phrases: Tom’s, the boss’s, that guy in the car’s, etc. (Note that possessive phrases contain noun phrases, which can then also contain determiners.)

Sometimes determiners are called specifiers. It depends on which textbook and which instructor you’ve got for linguistics.