Parents should help their children prepare for future life through encouraging th

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From generation to generation, parents are worried about their children’s future. It is parents’ responsibility to help their children make a preparation. Some parents suggest their children to take a part-time job as a preparation. I think this is a good method; however there are other good ways to help prepare their future life.

To begin with, it is our parents who give birth to us. When we were young, they provided food and shelter to us. After about twenty years, we grow up, and have enough abilities to live on our own. But how can we learn these necessary abilities for our future life? Obviously our parents have the obligation to teach us. They will teach us how to make a living by finding our own livelihood, how to get on well with others. These are fundamental skills for us. If we are not taught these skills, we will suffer in the later life. Likewise, animals do the same things. Mother lions teach their children how to hunt their captive. And mother monkeys show their babies how to find an ant nest. This is so-called instinct. Parents should make sure their children can survive.

Second, encouraging their children to take a part-time job is a effective way for parents to help children build up necessary skills. Through taking part in a part-time job, children can benefit a lot. For one thing, they can learn the true value of money. No sweet without sweat. Only hard work can lead you to a success and earn money. For the other thing, since children have earned some money from these part-time jobs, they have their own property. They can buy some toys or comic stripes they dream of. Now it is time for them to learn how to use money properly and efficiently. They can learn what their real need is and what is not. Have a strong financial ability is really useful in the future

What’s more, there are many other efficient ways to help prepare children’s future. Parents obviously should encourage their children to work hard at school. Children can learn basic knowledge at school which is also necessary in the future. And parents can suggest their children read some biographies of successful businessmen such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, absorbing their successful experience.

In summary, parent surely help their children make a preparation for the future by encouraging them to study hard at school taking a part-time job and reading some famous biographies.

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got it. buddy. I will keep that in mind.

you have done a good job but I just don’t feel good about this sentence"…we will suffer in later life" as it implies incarnation to me and means somehow next life to me,I think it’s better to say "we will suffer in life later on"or we will consequently suffer in life.

haha,maybe you are right. next life, interesting.I will chANGE it