Parents are the best teachers.

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Do you agree or disagree wit the following statement. Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Parents’ teaching has been an appealing topic. Many sociologists believe that it is essential for us to be taught by our parents. From my own viewpoint, I strongly agree with this belief.

First and fore most, basic knowledge is worth considering. It is well note that parents teach us very simple things when we are just a little kid. Who teaches you to speak? Who teaches you to run? The answer is our parents. There is no teacher from whom you can learn that. More remarkable, parents teach us life skills. We create a chance to cook, to sew or to fix things because of parents’ help. Without them, we hardly learn such useful skills. In deed, basic knowledge is the first thing we can learn from our parents.

Second of all, love and care draw much of my attention. It is obviously, parents love us the most. They never want us to be in danger. They always protect us every time and everywhere. Their love creates our character. More interestingly, parents take care of us during our childhood time. They always stand a golden chance to show us our mistake and help us to find a solution. I’m sure that it is not what you are likely to always learn at school. By and large, love and care make parents the best teachers.

Last but not least, what convinces me is understanding. It is common knowledge that parents always keep in close touch with us. They know how we think, what we want and why we do that. More importantly, parents are very experienced as they are older. They are certain to give us a wise advice whenever we need. Of course, it is possible for us to believe in their suggestion. Beyond any doubt, parents are the ones who understand us clearly.

To sum up, parents become the best teachers for some reasons such as basic knowledge, love and care, understanding. I highly recommend that sociologists should take my writing into detailed to adopt a feasible decision on parents’ teaching.

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