'parallel' vs 'parallelly'

hello everyone,
I am confused about the difference between ‘parallel’ VS ‘parallelly’ when they are used as adverbs, would sb help?

I can’t find word “parallelly” in dictionary. parallel is both noun and adj. You make me confused too^^

Dear D.angel
thanks for your answer, the word ‘parallelly’ can be found in GOOGLE by thousands of sites, and the ‘parallel’ also can be used as an adverb as well as a noun and a verb. I thought native speakers might know something between……

Steven He,
“I thought native speakers might know something between……”

Do you mean that native speakers “might have known” (they should already have the knowledge by now)?

Do you mean that native speakers “might know” (they have to learn about this now)?


To Dear zealous Suresh,
seems we’ve gone far away from my topic,but still ‘merci’(thanks).
I mean definitely the former,but ‘might’ here really means ‘have to’?
your sincerely

This word doesn’t make any sense.
Anyway, this indicates your levels of sense, and your cinical mindset (almost insane)
I would like to know, any stray dog has bitten you?


I attempt no hostility, maybe my wrong selection of this word’ zealous’ means sth bad to you, and i apologize here.
I am just finding help to learn here. Thanks!