Paragraphs: Never to be pointless, why don't you have a little bit show-time...

Is there any grammatical error in the paragraphs?

  1. Never to end to be improving english

  2. Supposingly some of you guys, though its amount could be quite a few till now, were wondering why I haven’t shown my face to have been of late. To be straight to the points, I’ve been busy to have been studying english. Anyway I left a little of my casual words here to be found out phraseological flaws, if there’s any.

  3. Never to be pointless,why don’t you have a little bit show-time to be demonstrating your superior grammatical skill in English?

  4. There is a gap between your skill and authentic english, consequentially the further beyond your understanding you felt it, the wider and deeper the gap really was.

  5. I can not stop larughing by a reason of having been aware of or, possibly, of nothing.

Hi Magnitude, and welcome to the forums.

Yes, there are quite a few problems in those sentences. Did you write them yourself?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, it was me who wrote these sentences after having read some grammar books to use english in the right way. Here I ask for help, hastily, to check if it was far away from using the grammar rightly.

Yankee, could you point out the grammatical errors in thos sentences?

Hi Magnitude

Apart from those numbered sentences you posted, it sounds as though you already have a good command of English. Could you tell me exactly which “grammar” books you’ve been looking at?

There is far more to language than grammar. It is possible to build all kinds of “grammatically correct” sentences which nevertheless mean nothing. A well-known example of such a sentence is this one:

  • “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.”

Grammatically speaking, that sentence is completely correct, yet the sentence is nonsensical.

Can you tell us exactly what structures/phrases/vocabulary you’ve been trying to learn and put to use?

Thanks,Yankee. Your comments really make sense for those sentences constructed and posted by me.
With regard to the “grammar books”, sorry to say, neither of them were written in English, they provided comprehensive grammar knowledge as much as, yet not as orthodox as, a “Cambridge Grammar of English” did, for an example.

Having checked the the english glossary, in the forms of Innfinitive or to be called The Non-finite Verb, there are some forms to be rarely seemed, the forms such as “to have written”,“to have been written”,“to have been writing”. I thought it must be gorgeous to put it to usage.