Painstakingly investigation


Recently I came across the word painstakingly. :shock: Now the ending -ly suggestets the word to be an adverb while -ing- referred to the present participle. But what about painstak- ? :?

How to seperate the syllabels? Pain-stak or pains-tak? Probably with with an e behind the k?

Well I started a thoroughful solid and careful investigation and found out that I had to research painstakingly! :wink:

What a word, if you investigate its sense.


P.S. Now I?ll pull up my stakes for today! Good night! :wink:

Hi Michael,

Am I right in thinking you are referring to taking pains? Isn’t simply that you take pains to do something you take a lot of trouble to do something? Or am I being too simplistic?

Three questions in one posting, I’m afraid.


Hi Alan!

Yes, you?re right, I referred to taking pains. But not only that since my dictonary suggested pain-staking in the explanations for pain! Furtheron my dictionary suggests a stake to be a post at which the OLD-Red-Indians tortured their enemies before sending them into the happy hunting-grounds!!! :shock: Now, the complete expression I came across was “painstakingly research” and so I wrote this topic since I imagined the torture of such an investigation! :lol:

Beside that I imagined the pronounciation the BFBS would use when saying that word and as I?m an old German babble-head I couldn?t avoid to find it funny. :oops:

Are we singing from the same hymn sheet when I suggest painstakingly to mean rather conscientious or using much attention?

What other interesting word do you or any other member know?



Yes it means paying great attention to detail - almost meticulous.



I know the longest (?) computer-related English word with all letters different: uncopyrightable

Hi Michael

You’re right! “Staking pain” does create an odd picture. :shock:

Here’s something you (and Tamara ;)) can do a painstaking investigation of:

How many different English words can you write using only Roman numerals?
I’ll get you started:




Hi Amy!

Long time ago since we had had our last guessing game, isn?t it? :roll:

Well here are some solutions from me:


LIDL you probably don?t accept :lol: as it is the name of a supermarket, do you?

Now I?m keen on learning whether some other members will join this game.

Long time since we talked, isn?t it?


Hi Michael

Yes, it’s been a while since our last silliness. :lol:

LIDL? :smiley: I think I’ll give you extra credit for that one, Michael, but only if you pronounce it with an English accent. :wink:

I wonder whether anyone can add to Tamara’s and your solutions…


Children, can I also participate? :smiley:



Hi kids,



By the way, last year my daughter had a teacher (of Technology) from Australia (!) who pronounced LIDL as [laidl] - and UK teens were very amused. :slight_smile:

Somehow that sounds exactly right for an Aussie. I can imagine my Australian friends saying it that way, too. I’ll have to ask them for a test pronunciation. :smiley:

By the way, you’re doing quite well with the Roman numeral puzzle, Tamara. Are you a puzzle fan?


No, Amy, I’m not a puzzle fan at all. But my head is built in a strange way: sometimes it can’t stop and just continues working (investigating :lol:), in itself. With no order :slight_smile: