Oxbridge Universities, Public schools

Who can enter Oxbridge Universities and Public schools? What distinguishes the students of Oxbridge Universities from students of other Universities. According to what indications it is possible to understand that the student belongs to the Oxbridge Universities or Iton or Harrow Public Schools. Tell us please in detail about these Universities and Public Schools. Is it right that the annual tution fee at the Oxbridge Universities is $1500. What is the tution fee at the Iton Public School. Who can get a schoolarship to study at Iton Public School free of charge. Is it right that many people in Great Britain live according to the rule: “the cobbler should stick to his last”.

Oxford and Cambridge universities (sometimes known together as Oxbridge) are like any other university in the UK in terms of applications. In other words any student can apply for any university in the country. In terms of history and reputation obviously universities can vary. But entry is not denied to anyone. I myself am a graduate from Oxford and then went on to Cambridge to train as a teacher and for both universities I was accepted on the basis of my ability and suitability. Although that was many years ago, the same situation obtains today. As for public schools they are open to any student from any part of the country and in that respect they are called ‘public’ but parents have to pay high fees in order to pay for their children to go there if the students are accepted in the first place.