Overview of GMAT and MBA

GMAT stands for [color=blue]Graduate Management Admission Test and it’s a standardized test that graduate business schools use to evaluate candidates. If you want to study at university to obtain an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree the GMAT is a requirement for you.
In few days you will be able to learn and practice the vocabulary words you need for the GMAT. In addition you can ask questions related to the GMAT and exchange experiences with other GMAT and MBA candidates.


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Well, I am not sure whether this is free but then too you can try to log on to edusoftech.com


Is there any e-book link for GMAT? would appreciate any reply on this.

thanks in anticipation


hey himadri,
check out this online course i just took. manhattan review has something i think it’s called an interactive course on the internet. it’s a ‘live’ course with an instructor, but you can do it from home. it worked perfectly for me because i’m not near any gmat prep centers. go to their website and give it a look.


I’m being picky here, but:

MBA stands for “Master of Business Administration”

Hi Tom,

It’s good that you are picky – description changed. Please let me know of anything that needs to be edited.

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cool beans

I just joined 5 minutes ago. Although im only in my first year of undergrad, i still want to think further ahead. Uhm… so I’m just wondering, what schools in the United States should aspire to get in to? Do I really need to get into good schools like harvard or U. Pen to get a desent job. Please help, im a Filipino and im really in the dark when it comes to good business schools in the states.


Dear Salubrious,

Welcome to english-test.net and many thanks for your interesting question. Can you please tell me what major you want to study? There top US colleges and universities for engineering programs, business programs, arts, medicine, agriculture – you name it. Also, what do you mean by ‘decent job’? A job that gives you the opportunity to meet new challenges and learn new things or just a job a that pays an average salary?

Please let me know what you think.

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Hi Tolsten,

What i want to major in is Management. I dont really want a high-paying job, i prefer something fun and enjoyable.



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I would like to improve my writing skill !
Can anyone help me ?
thanks alot !

Concentrate on subject and predicate:

Subject: The dog
Predicate: ate its bone.

Sentence: The dog ate its bone.

We can add an adjective:

The dog ate its meaty bone.

And an adverb:

The dog ate its meaty bone slowly.

Here we have the following parts of speech:

Subject: dog
Verb: ate
Object: bone
Adjective: meaty (describes the bone)
Adverb: slowly (describes how quickly the dog ate)

Maybe there is someone here who knows where to find some AudioBooks about GMAT preparation. If there is such a person, please give me some help and let us know how to get it, OK!!!
Would be very kind of yours to release such information, and i surely will be so much grateful in exchange.

Only GMAT test for MBA? So, no need to take TOEFL and GRE test. Just pass the GMAT test, then can apply the MBA course?

Good night Torsten,
Thank you for the explanations. It is the first time I am writing on this forum.
To tell you the truth, I’ve never heard about GMAT test in detail. I fell in love with the test, since I’m going to be an MBA student. :slight_smile:

Is GMAT harder to pass than TOEIC?

Hello Friends,
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Hello Friends,
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