'Out of danger' Versus 'Out of the danger'


Could you please tell me which one is correct?

1- She is out of danger.
2-She is out of the danger.

1- Is she out of shock?
2- Is she out of the shock?


Hi Tom,

This is the one I would nominate as correct:

and would accept:


Thanks, Alan a lot! :smiley:

Please see below!

The danger is all around you.

shows here that the speaker and the listener both know which danger is being talked about,OK?

When we say:

Is he out of danger?, we ( both the speaker and listener) also know which danger, don’t we? Then why not: Out of the danger?



Hi Tom

“Out of danger” is a very standard collocation.

If you want to be a rebel and/or want to sound eccentric, then just try using the word the in this particular phrase. Native speakers will definitely notice your “originality”. :wink:


Many, many thanks, Alan and Amy

What about out of job? Is it also a fixed expression and does not need the article the?


In this case, the usual expression is to be out of a job. You can also say ‘to be out of work’.

Tom, the sooner you come to terms with the brutal reality, the better off you’ll be:

English is not a logical language! :slight_smile: