our time OR us time

I’ve heard this sentence from ‘DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ / ‘We need us time’
what is the reason? ( please with details)


“I don’t think it worth complaining about the meal”( practical English/ Michael Swan/page 271/
why did he use worth without so called" to be"??( with details pleas)[/u]

sorry I will ask the second question elsewhere!!

Could you have misheard? That’s not correct grammar. If it was said it must have been an attempt to incorporate local dialect into the script.

Hmm, I have heard that expression before. A (married or otherwise) couple might say this to indicate that they need to spend more “quality time” together, time devoted to “us”. The grammar is obviously wrong, but it is slang. I have also heard “me time”: “I have been working so hard, always caring for other people; now I need some ‘me’ time, so I’m going to relax and do absolutely nothing tonight, maybe just watch a DVD.”

Agree with Cerberus
“We need some ‘us’ time” = “we need some time for us.” (i.e. just us together)
But as it is informal speaking, it does help to have the “us” in quotes to make it clearer.

Exactly the same with “me” time, as Cerberus also points out.

(I have never heard it with “you” (i.e. ‘you need to have some “you” time’), but in theory it could work as a caring statement or an insult)…?

I needed a clue to the intonation to understand. Thank you gentlemen.