Our responsibility to save endangered species

The Almighty and Mother Nature have endowed us with a plethora of basic necessities that are required for sustenance on the planet Earth. All species, particularly biotic, derive nutrition in one form or the other, from various sources. This dependence of animals and plants on each other for nutrition is generally termed as food cycle, wherein the nutrition of one member of the cycle is fulfilled by the other. However, for the past few years this food cycle has been disturbed which can be imputed to the covetous nature of humans. Many of the living species have either met their end or have been classified as endangered species.

As the world and time progressed, so did the needs and wants of humans. The aptness of the above statement can be estimated from the fact that, earlier humans used to kill animals in order to use their skin for clothing purposes, but as time progressed animals were killed at a much higher rate not only for clothing purposes but also to make other artefacts such as, leather wallets, belts, shoes et al. However, the “intelligent” species known as “humans” seldom realize that they are upsetting and disturbing the food cycle, which in the long run, will affect them and other living organisms as well. One can just find a handful amount of species of Platypus, Cheetah etc. left in this world, which can be solely ascribed to indiscriminate killing of these species for the purpose of amusement and entertainment. Since, these organisms are on the verge of extinction the other organisms upon which they feed, continue to grow in number. Thus one can ascertain that, the extinction of one species leads to an uncontrolled growth of the other and hence disturbs the balanced food cycle of the nature. In addition to this, poaching of animals has also become a major problem. Animals such as tigers and lions are poached for their skin, snakes for leather and elephants for ivory and then these items are smuggled across various countries at a very high rate.

Much harm has already been done, but further harm can be prevented by the joint efforts of the government and denizens. Strict laws should be imposed so as to prevent poaching, and the convicts should be castigated, incarcerated and heavily fined. Additionally, individuals should report to the Police, if any such incident of poaching comes to their light. Furthermore, wildlife sanctuaries and parks should be established for the endangered species, so as to provide them a natural habitat and prevent further poaching.

Hence, in summary; today many species have although become extinct, but still our bountiful earth continues to house millions and trillions of other species. Humans being the most puissant species should try to save the endangered ones and ensure that no further harm is done to the Mother Nature.

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