Our project have finished by the end of the week...

Our project…finished by the end of the week ,so there is no reason why you shouldn’t plan a weeked getaway.

a. must have b.could have c.will have d.have
Is it an obligation and requires the modal:must have… or is it an future foreseen and we should use the future perfect?

It should be future perfect (“will have finished”).

By the way, I notice that your use of spaces is often haphazard. Learning how to use spaces correctly makes a big difference to the quality of your writing for relatively little effort.

Also would it be possible a passive form?:Our project must have been finished…

I think, ‘Our project will be finished by the end of next week’ is even better.

Eleytheria, ‘must have been finished’ doesn’t work in the future. It only works for the present or past.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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