Our Gang.

My pal Ski comes from Denmark,
A land I’ve never seen.
I only know he’s friendly,
And he’s never ever mean.
He never has that much to say,
But when he does I smile,
For what he says appeals to me
He never is hostile.

Then comes “Our Milanya”
She really is a whizz.
She’s our very best at grammar,
She’d easily win a quiz.

What can we say about Yamilet?
She started out so “green”,
Yet given just a few short months,
She’s turned into a Queen.

What’s happened to “our” Phoebe?
She was here every day,
I’ve written all these stories,
And now she’s gone away.

I have to mention Richard,
A guy so keen to know.
I’m sure that he’d pass any test,
He’s always on the go.

Tomasito is a trier,
He always tries his best,
He sometimes makes an error,
But so do all the rest.

Let’s mention our “Boss” Alan,
Before we reach a close.
Without him and poor Torsten,
You wouldn’t read this prose.

Last not least there’s Slava,
He works behind the scenes,
He labours for us night and day,
To keep our Forum clean!

If I recall correctly, SkiIucK is a Bulgarian who is living in Denmark now. :slight_smile: Thank you Bill, for your contribution to this community.

Good afternoon Infinity. You have certainly improved during your residence here. I’ve often marvelled at the advancement in your progress and the constant increasing complexity of your recent questions. Proud of you.