Our Dictionary : let me see you here, welcome for all.

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I think that synonyms and antonyms are an important part of English language .They greatly help develop one’s vocabulary and word power.They have the potential to equip the student with ability to choose the rigth expression.

I would like to start ,here, with you all to design and built our dictionary .I hope the advent of this dictionary will open a new chapter in our academic or professional career.

I look forwards to any help from our supervisors in this great forum.

Let us start here ,with no more than five words.


Synonyms : Shame,disconcert,humble ,humiliate,embarrass
Antonyms : Conceit , self-esteem,self-love , smugness,self-praise.

Warmest Wishes



Synonyms : Lessen,moderate,subside,allay,subdue
Antonyms : Enlarge,extend,grow,rise,aggravate.


Synonyms: carry off, steal,kidnap,spirit away,…
Antonyms: Deliver, give away, surrender,…,…



Antonyms: impotence, unskillfulness,…,…,…

Please, Hope is the zest of life, so join hands with me in this mission : Towards tremendous success.