Our current way of life will have a negative impact on future generations

Prompt: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement. Our current way of life will have a negative impact on future generations.
Throughout the recent years life has changed drastically both positively and negatively. Personally, I strongly believe that the kind of life we are leading today will negatively affect the generation to come. I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore in the following essay.
To begin with, nowadays pollution rates are rising alarmingly. Most of the pollution is caused by human activity. In other words, we do not pay sufficient attention to protecting our environment and we tend to engage in certain activities and overuse certain products that only worsen the global environmental problems. For example, many of us use our cars multiple times during a day. Even when it is needless and we could easily reach a place by other means which are benign to the environment. This attitude of ours results in increasing air pollution. As a consequence, the future generation will be unable to live in many places since the air will be so noxious that they will be unable to breathe.
Secondly, people nowadays are mostly concentrated on making as much money as possible and as a result they disregard the importance of family. In other words, people spend most of their time working outside of the house and they tend not to pay sufficient attention to their family members. Consequently, most kids who actually constitute the future generation end up feeling neglected by their parents and develop various mental problems. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. A few years ago, when I was still in high school, I had a friend whose parents spent their entire day in the office and only came home to sleep. I remember him telling me that they engage in family discussions for solely 10 minutes every day. As a result, he started taking addictive substances in order to cope with the emotional emptiness he was feeling.
In conclusion, I am of the opinion that modern life will have detrimental effects on the lives of the future generation. This is because not only will the environment be destroyed but future youth will experience various mental issues due to the lifestyle modern life compels people to lead.


In my opinion, it is everything good. Good structure, well provided opinion. Well done and keep going!


I do agree with you when you say that way we are living today is not sustainable and will make our planet uninhabitable within a few decades. However, the main reason for this is not just air pollution but global warming caused by our obsessive consumption of fossil fuels. #clim