Other/the other/another...

I don’t know where we use other, the other, another. Please help me.
For example, in this sentence what words do you use:

I have 2 letters._______ is from my mother.______ is from my friend.

Also, in class, the teacher asks the monitor “Who’s absent today?”. What is the best way to reply if there’s no one is absent? Is “No one” formal?

Hi Tortoise,

The missing words are: one is from my mother and the other is from my friend.
In answer to the teacher you could say: No-one or nobody.



So, which is correct - no-one or no one? We were always taught that no one consists of two words, so now I am a bit confused…

Thank you in advance

Hi Sidle Jinks,

Both forms are all right - you can choose either.


Thank you very much, Alan, for your explanation!

But when we use “another” instead of “the other”, Sir Alan?


Hi tortoise,

Another means A different/additional one and the other means THE different/additional one. Have a look at what I’ve written on the articles a/an/the on this site:

[b]esl lessons

the’ vs. ‘a/an’[/b]