Origin of 'state of the art'?

Hello! Who can tell me please where the term state of the art originated from? Thanks for all your answers.


dictionary.reference.com/ says the following about “state of the art”:

And this is from Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_the_art):

In addition to what Sidle Jinks (interesting name!) has said, I’d like to contribute the following. Michael Quinion, a distinguished British linguist is running a site called World Wide Words. According to him the phrase state-of-the-art was originally status of the art and it described the current level which some technical art had reached. Later the phrase changed from status of the art to state of the art and as Sidle Jinks pointed out it refers to the latest technology or best techniques in some product or activity.
Interesting topic by the way.


Great site! I found it very interesting. Thanks for mentioning it, Fabrice.

The first thing I learned there was that I suffer from Pareidolia (a psychological condition in which the brain falsely creates meaningful images out of random patterns). You see, that’s what happens to me with my bathroom floor tiles – I can always make out faces (more like caricatures, really) from their pattern. I knew there were many things wrong with me, but none so sophisticated-sounding as this one!

I’m with you, Conchita! A very interesting site. And the “surprise me” function is fun. :smiley:


I hadn’t got to that section yet and yes, it’s very good, especially the following bit:


wow… that’s really interesting! I do the same thing myself but never knew there was a name for it!

guess there really IS a name for everything under the sun…

I don’t know why, but I love that explanation. Something about it just sounds really lovely.

actually, it’s rather poetic when you think about it… seriously, it does.