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can I have a request to you? Could you please check my oral presentation of the news? It is about G20 recent summit, the text you will see below. There can be mistakes in the grammar too, so I will be thankful for the correction. Thank you! :slight_smile:

G20 Seoul Summit

Established in 1999, the G20 hold its annual meeting on 11th-12th November in the capital of South Korea.

The Group`s of 20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors purpose is to “bring together systematically important industrialized and developing economies to discuss key issues in the global economy”.

The theme of the Seul Summit was “G20 Role in the Post-Crisis World”.
The agenda included, inter alia, the following issues: ensuring global economic recovery; framework for strong, sustainable, and balanced global growth; strengthening the international financial regulatory system and global financial safety nets.

In a communique signed off at the end of the gathering there was a little something for everyone – the Reuters’ journalists expained:

“Leaders vowed to move towards market-determined exchange rates. That was a reference to China’s tightly managed yuan that the United States has long complained is undervalued.”

States pledged to avoid competitive devaluations. It was a way of addressing other countries’ concern that the U.S. Federal Reserve’s easy-money policy was aimed at weaking the dollar.

“In a nod to emerging markets struggling to contain huge capital inflows, the G20 gave the okay to impose “carefully designed” control measures.”

“The G20 has fragmented since a synchronized global recession gave a way to a multi-speed recovery. Slow-growing advanced economies have kept inrest rates at record lows to try to kick-start growth, while big emerging markets have come roaring back so fast that many are worried about overheating.”

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I think that you did a good job. Your reading is clear to me, but I would like to read more slowly. Regarding the grammer, I just took a quick look. Here is the sentence I had trouble in understanding:“That was a reference to China’s tightly managed yuan that the United States has long complained is undervalued.”

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile: I wanted to read it quickly coz it is supposed to be presented as a piece of news (radio, tv). But now, the hardest job is to memorize it. Obviously, I don’t need to memorize every word of it, but I would like to learn those structures. The most of the text are quotations, as well as the sentence you had problems with understanding :slight_smile: It is from Reuters. In fact I just split 1 long sentence into 2 shorter, so the “trouble-causing” sentence is strongly connected with the previous one :slight_smile:

Those are the words I think you didn`t pronounce perfect:
economy (only the accent)
interest rates (but I misspelled it - my fault :slight_smile:
record (lows)

Where are you from? I thought you have an American accent, you sound like a native for me :slight_smile: I am from Poland, Europe :)))

I wish you good week! :slight_smile: