Optional test question: container vs sack

please help me with these questions

1/ I can’t … to understand why anyone would want to be cruel to animals
Choose one answer.
a. start
b. begin
=> I think this sentence sounds so awkward so I can’t give a choice… +_+

2/ It will be a bit of a mixed …
Choose one answer.
a. container
b. sack
c. bag
d. holder

3/ It was … that the tortoise should choose the course and also the end of the race.
Choose one answer.
a. consented
b. permitted
c. agreed
=> what should we choose and why?

4/ - There’s no fool like an …old… fool

  • Sorry you can protest if you like but it doesn’t cut any ice with me
    => what do these sentences mean?

Hi Nessie

“Can’t (even) begin to understand” is a commonly used collocation.

mixed bag

c. agreed
Let me throw your question back at you. Why do you think consented or permitted might work/make sense in the sentence?

Hi Nessie,

What is an ‘optional test question’?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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To Torsten:
Hi Torsten,
I think it means a multiple choice question. Am I right or wrong? Or shouldn’t I use that term?

To Amy:
Thanks for your clear explaination, Amy. I know C should be chosen for question C, but I can’t understand the sentence, could you please clarify for me?
Thanks a lot