Optional test (Have you brought my umbrella?)

1/ By cutting down the trees, we … the natural habitat of birds and animals

a. damage
b. harm
c. injure
d. hurt

2/ Have you brought my umbrella?

  • Oh no! I … again. That’s stupid of me
    a. forget
    b. forgot
    c. have forgotten
    d. had forgotten

What are your choices and why?

For the first question, I can’t give the exact answer because the two words “damage” and “harm” have so similar meanings (according to my OALD) => confused!!??!!

For the second question, I choose “have forgotten” because I think the fact that “I” forget to take the umbrella has already happened. However, my teacher said that “forgot” is the right answer here, so I want to see about ideas of some native speakers

1-- ‘Damage’ is the answer; ‘harm’ I suppose is also possible, but we more often use ‘harm’ of non-physical damage and it also often includes the idea of pain or defacement.

2-- Both B and C will work. B, I think, is more common.