Opinion on esltube.org and one video there.

What’s your opinion of this “ESL” video and its place on that website?

[ Link deleted. Obscenity may be offensive to some readers – MM ]

Warning, the video contains strong language.

It reminds me of another link you posted on this site. A favorite topic of yours, M?

I think it’s similar to those comedians who say things on stage that nobody wants to hear but nonetheless true. And I find it quite unrealistic that the two adults didn’t understand the f word, in this era.

Well, perhaps there are people as innocent as that.

I guess that’s the world advertising, innit? :roll:

But do you feel that such videos, when appearing on ESL forums, should be banned on have controls on them?

Well, if they had to use vulgar words to attract viewers, perhaps they are not as creative as they thought they were.

People have minds of their own. If the school want to project such image for themselves, it really is up to them. But they have themselves to blame if students chose other schools. I for once cannot imagine if Harvard or Oxford has ever promoted themselves in such a way.

It’s a curious ad. If you understand it, you’re not the target. But if you are the target, you won’t understand it.


Unless they want to get you to get others - your parents, for example - to take a course.

I doubt it.


Your doubts are noted.