Opinion essay 4th paragraph

Hi there! I have to clarify two points:

Is it correct using such a beginning for the forth paragraph of opinion essay “ Honestly, I disagree with my opponents” or better to use linking words of the contrast such as however or although, I disagree…

Can I start this paragraph only with “ I disagree with the opinion above…” ? Or if I don’t use linking word at the beginning of the paragraph I will lose the score for coherence ?


It all depends on a variety of factors such who you are audience is why you are writing essays in the first place. What really counts is what you want to say rather than how you say it.

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It’s for my state exam. Is “ Honestly” a kind of emotional stuff and it’s violation of the neutral style or not ?

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I don’t know what your state exam is. As for your definition of honestly I suggest you consult a dictionary.

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