Open restraining bar just before unloading


Hi, what do you make of the phrase Open restraining bar just before unloading? I mean, wouldn’t getting off be more appropriate than unloading?


They use the same loading/unloading term on the ski lifts I’ve been on here in the States, but all of them are made in Europe - Doppelmayr seems the most common name I remember. They are Austrian.

“Open restraining bar” sounds odd though - every lift I’ve been on says “raise restraining bar” or “raise safety bar”. Maybe your lift has a different design? Does the bar swing forward on a hinge?


And why are you skiing? Don’t you know that snowboarding is much more fun? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it does. It’s a Doppelmayr and I’m sure it’s the same model you have in the US where they ask you to 'open bubble and restraining bar before entering the terminal.