open/close curtain/sQUINT/into

Are these sentences grammatically correct and please let me know the corrections if wrong.

  1. Open the curtain
  2. Close the curtain
  3. What happenned to your one eye your one eye has become small(what better word can be used here )
  4. Viral fever is spreading everywhere (what better sentence can be used)
  5. what is the condition called whn our eyes become red and we have to wear spectakles so that others are not infected.
  1. What happened to one of your eyes? One eye has become small.

I think that’s much better.

  1. I think it’s already very good.

  2. I believe you mean pink eye, though I have never seen anyone wear glasses because of it. “Spectacles” has no “k.”

Please punctuate all your sentences, choosing the mark suited to your intent.

‘Pink eye’ is more accurately called ‘conjunctivitis’.


Please turn off your ‘Caps Lock’ key, Hardwork!

Those phrases are correct. They would be complete sentences (commands) if they had full stops.

With regard to number 3, I think you could shorten the sentence:
Has something happened to make one of your eyes smaller? / Has something happened to make one of your pupils contract? (I’m not sure which you need as I’m not sure which you are thinking of.)