Online SAT vocabulary testing

I don’t like using flash cards, so I’ve been looking for web sites for learning SAT vocabulary.

So far I like this one the best, especially since it works on my cell phone.

I’ve also tried

Any other good ones out there?

I’m trying out the trial course onilne. It has a program called wordsmith and it’s pretty useful for vocab. They also have videos for every problem you solve. I’ve found it pretty useful. =)

try and click on 3,500 SAT-centric words link.
Then keep clicking on the triangles next to the words.


It has SAT words, and also with each word that you get right, rice is donated to those who have no food.

It’s sold on amazon. By Verbal Boost. 300 words. It’s good because it covers
what you need to know.

Verbal Mastery for the SAT Test

[url][/url] does that, its not free, but it keeps track of your progress and which words you should study. It works great on the iphone…

I think it has more than 5000 words too, and for the price its cheaper than the books.

A friend recommended it after using it for the GRE Exam so I thought i would return the favor :slight_smile: