Online education or traditional education, what would you like prefer?

People have different methods of studying, all of them have different advantages and disadvantages. Some students opt for taking online courses due to for the technological assistance, while many other prefer studying by traditional classroom. In my opinion is better take traditional class for the following reasons.

First of all, studying on traditional classroom bring us to interact and discuss with professors and classmates, which are important in a class. Because these allow to solve some problems when some students have during class, students whom prefer taking online courses do not have the opportunity to explain their ideas for the limited time which online course require. My own experience is a good example of this, when I started to study in my university in the first year I decided to work and study at the same time because the university allowed me, I took all the courses online and I gained the knowledge of each subject however when I had doubts I could not ask any doubt because the professor only uploaded the classes online, When I changed to studying with traditional classroom I progresses better because I always participated during the classes, asking and involving in discussion with my classmates.

Secondly, traditional classroom helps to us to avoid distraction, which is the main problem that students happen in this technological world. Online curses require to have a computer o Laptod and internet connection which often it uses to connect and talk on Facebook, therefore it is an way that influence to get distraction easily. However traditional classes students are involving in studying. I have an example of my personal experience, when I was started to studying English for my first time I enrolled in an online course on internet, my studies were not efficient because I always was connected on Facebook and I could not attend what the teacher said, switched for studying in a attendance class and I felt my progress since the first day because I concentrated better.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that studying in traditional classroom is better than taking online courses. This is because traditional classroom have advantages such as it allows to interact with our classmates and avoiding distraction

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