One thing representing my country

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Topic: If you were asked to send one thing representing your country to an international exhibition, what would you choose? Why? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

Each country has a separate customs bringing new and unique features. And if I were asked to send one thing representing my country to an international exhibition, I would choose Vietnamese palm-leaf conical hat. It is a familiar image, close to Vietnamese women from past to present. It is attached to the traditional long dress, with customs and traditions of Vietnam. And it is the symbol of Vietnam to friends of the five continents, the soul, the quintessence of beauty of thousands of years of civilization.

First and foremost, the palm-leaf conical hat is a symbol of Vietnam, a traditional and popular product throughout the country. Many Vietnamese people are far away from their home countries for studying or working, seeing the image of a palm-leaf conical hat they feel like their homeland is appearing before their eyes.

In the second place, the palm-leaf conical hat is a very familiar item for Vietnamese farmers. It can effectively cover the sun and rain, with its lightweight, waterproof feature, the more it becomes useful to everyone. In addition, after hard working hours, hot summer days with a palm-leaf conical hat as well as a fan, gently bring the cool breeze back for the peasant farmers in the fields. The palm-leaf conical hat as a friend helps to share the burdens of a hard life.

Finally, in the art, the palm-leaf conical hat dance performance of the girls with graceful dresses shows the tenderness, softness and discreetness of Vietnamese women. In the past, the school girls also have it with them, it has many uses for those girls. Sometimes, it is also used to contain tamarind and plum when they go out to garden.

To sum up briefly, the close and useful palm-leaf conical hat is always associated with our daily life. In spite of civilized and developed life, the palm-leaf conical family is still its original form. Everywhere, from the remote forests, in the immense fields, along the long river of the sea, you can see thousands of immutable lives of conical hats.


I would slightly rephrase the following sentence.

It can effectively shield your face from sun and rain with its lightweight nature and waterproof features making it a useful headgear for everyone.